Life through a lens

Madame S

Madame S, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

I owe a lot to Madame S, as she was one of the founders (along with DJ Hushpuppy) of the legendary Utter Gutter club, and always encouraged me with my club photography. In fact, Utter Gutter was one of my first regular gigs in the world of club photography, and when it ended, it left with a hunger for similar work, and lead me to actively seeking out similar gigs, which lead me to Orderly Disorder, Alibi, Menergy and many many more. And none of this would have happened without Madame S. So when she launched a new club, named Bitter Glitter (With it’s own jewellery range, as you can see here.), I just had to be there. The sound was just like I remember from Utter Gutter, albiet in the slightly less alternative surroundings of the Polo Lounge. Nevertheless, it got the crowd jumping. Maybe this could be a new chapter in the Utter Gutter story?


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