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“John, I’m Only Dancing” official promo video

As mentioned earlier, I’m doing a collaboration with Robin Burgess on an exhibition which will open in a little over a month. It’s called “John I’m Only Dancing”- it’s a combination of my club photography and Robin’s artistic interpretations of them, often in surprising ways. I’m really excited about this project, as it allows for a number of alternative ways of looking at the alternative clubbing scene in Glasgow that wouldn’t have been possible with a solo exhibition of my clubbing photos. It also allows for the combination for both my perspective and an outside perspective, which I think is important. I remember being equally flattered and surprised when a friend who I hadn’t seen for ages said (positively) about my photography “I see you’re covering the alternative scene a lot.” The idea that I was being “alternative” had simply never occurred to me- I was just covering the clubs that appealed to me.

So both Robin and myself have been working hard to make sure you’re going to get that alternative come Fri 12th August at 7pm, when the exhibition has it’s official opening in the Virginia Gallery. (Basement of 45 Virginia Street, Glasgow G1 1TS) If you can’t make it then it’ll be on from the following Monday to Fri 11 September.

For a taster, here’s a promo video Robin’s made. Hope to see you in a month!


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