Life through a lens

Robin at the Hanging

Robin at the Hanging, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

How did you get involved in your collaboration with abstract painter Robin Burgess?

Robin’s the partner of one of my old friends, (who suggested the title of the exhibition!) so we’ve known each other for some time now. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been painting, and since we became friends with Drew and Iain from The Virginia Gallery this past year, we’ve been thinking about working in a collaboration with a view to being exhibited in the gallery.

From the start it was always going to be a collaboration that involved my photography and his painting, so as my club photography is a major part of my work, it became the basic starting point. From there, the subject matter began to broaden out into an overview of the alternative scene in Glasgow, and the people and places connected with it.

We started with my photographs of previous club nights and events I’ve covered. From that, Robin started painting original work based on some of my work, and similarly, I’ve been selecting pictures based on his work. It may sound simple in theory, but actually, it’s had some very interesting results. One or two of my works which Robin used as inspiration are the kind of shots I would not necessarily have picked if it were a solo exhibition of my own work. What’s interesting that he’s seen something in some of my work that I would not have seen by myself, and it has made me think about how different viewers can perceive the same image in a different way. Indeed, some of those photos actually look better than I expected when printed and framed!”

(Full Interview here…)

One of the reasons Ive not been so active on Flickr has been that I’ve been working on an exhibition called “John I’m Only Dancing”, based on my club photography and the paintings of Robin Burgess, pictured here behind his work. The exhibition opening is today from 3-10pm so if you’re in Glasgow, pop along to the Virginia Gallery at 45 Virginia Street and say hi.


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