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Review of “John I’m Only Dancing”

Thom Glow reviews “John, I’m Only Dancing” as part of his Glasgow scene column in the August issue of Scotsgay:

Ticking my culture box l had the unparalleled ioy of attending one of now many exhibition launches to take place in the Virginia Gallery under Luke and Jack.

The exhibition (“John, l’m Only Dancing”) showcases the photographs of Michael James, that sneaky genius whose photographs always seem to catch people through the crowd, in the throes of intimate conversation at parties, clubnights and gay occasions. lt’s one thing to see the man’s work on the old laptop screen, but to see his pictures mounted and in a gallery helps us to consider each piece for what it really is; often a simple observation of people having a great time. That is, after all what clubbing is all about, and and very few of Scotland’s club photographers manage to capture the energy of the club without resorting to the old ‘pose and say cheese’ tactic. The gallery also features the artistic creations of Robin Burgess, an often abstract painter whose contribution has been largely inspired by the work of Michael James. Part of the charm of the exhibition is moving between the work of these two artists and seeing how Robin has developed the mood of Michael’s images to create striking original artworks. I would definitely recommend a trip to the gallery, which is free and open until Sep 12th under Luke and Jack on Virginia Street. As ever, the Luke and Jack staff team are welcoming and friendly.

You can get the issue of Scotsgay here.


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