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“Five Ages of Man” exhibits at #MAN exhibition

My new work, Five Ages of Man, is going to be on show at #MAN, a group exhibition opening tonight in The Virginia Gallery tonight at 7pm. The theme of exhibition covers the male, masculinity and the man-made. My contribution covers portraits I’ve taken of various males in different ages. Let me introduce you to the people featured in this piece.

Antonio was one of my flatmates in a large shared house in  Dennistoun. Always striving to be creative, he eventually moved down to Brighton to study photography. He now lives in London, and is known around clubland for his outlandish sense of style.
Dave was a Royal Marine who approached me for modelling through Adrian (see below). We got on very well, and got through a surprising amount of setups and photos in our first shoot. He has since left the services and now lives in the US. The gun, by the way, is real.
Adrian is the husband of Kartiona Godward, who was the first person to model for me. He works in the navy, specifically in submarines, where he can often be cooped up for weeks on end.
I’ve known Stuart for a long time now. He’s always stylish and creative, but he he doesn’t usually pose for photos, so I feel very lucky to have got this shot.
Mats is originally from Sweden, but has come to live in Edinburgh. He contacted me as he was interested in my photography, and wanted to see what I could in representing the older man in my work. We were both quite pleased and surprised at the results.

#MAN is on at the Virginia Gallery until 7th January 2012.


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