Life through a lens

John I’m Only Dancing [Edit]

Today, Me and Robin were hanging an adaptation of our earlier successful exhibition “John I’m Only Dancing“, originially held in the Virginia Gallery in August. This version, a neccessarily more minimalist version, is in Bar 10 for for the duration of the Christmas period. Putting up work in a working bar-cafe is quite a different experience to putting it up in a working gallery. You have to turn up early before the official opening hours, for whoever’s opening the premises- and it’s not a set time: myself and Robin were waiting for a fair amount of time before we were let in. Then when you’re let in, you have a window between when the place opens, and when it it starts getting busy, which means that you generally have it all set-up, and by the time you’re tweaking it, customers are starting to come in and look at the new exhibits. Add to this Bar’s 10’s unique method of hanging works- via chains suspended from a high ledge, allowing the exhibits to swing freely, as you can see here, and it was quite a challenge to reproduce the feeling of the original exhibition. However, it was the effort, and we’re really pleased with the results. If you want to see it, you’ve got until Jan 8th.


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