Life through a lens

Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

Jay Brannan is probably more known in the UK for his acting, particularly his role as Ceth in “Shortbus“. However, he is also a singer-songwriter, and his debut recorded song “Soda Shop” appeared in the same movie. So it was in this capacity that Jay appeared in King Tut’s with similarly acoustic singer-songwriter support.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in an acoustic singer-songwriter concert with such a large and prominent gay contingent. Apart from myself and Lady Munter in civilian dress, there was Andy, Robin, Francis, and all their friends, and that was just the folks I recognised. There seems to be a great demand in the Glasgow scene for something different, a nice little change from the usual housey disco-chunes, and people like Jay Brannan are filling that demand.

After the concert, he wasn’t retreating to the dressing room like some rock ‘n’ roll diva, he was out there saying hi to everyone, and was quite willing to pose for many cameras, including mine.

And yes, I do love guacamole too…


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