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And Now… in 3D!

And Now… in 3D!, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

My mum, testing her glasses in readiness for her first 3D movie last night. It was “The Avengers”, or, as they call over here to avoid confusion with the UK TV series of the same name, “Avengers Assemble”. The movie itself didn’t disappoint, with what could have been a cumbersome setup of the backstories of up to 7 main characters dealt with largely within an hour, and the rest was action all the way, and some snappy dialogue and character moments courtesy of Joss Whedon.

One added element to this movie was that it was in a movie theatre- the first in the UK- to employ D-Box technology. Essentially a chair that shoogles when things go boom on screen, a number of seats were converted to use this technology, and we were near enough to a couple of the converted seats to feel them shoogle during particularly big action scenes.

The 3D itself, added in post-production was not particularly showy but reasonably immersive, and not so false that you’d notice, unlike some elements I’ve noticed even in movies produced in 3D (eg paper thin looking walls in “Hugo”.) More importantly it was all wrapped up in a very solid movie that could stand on it’s own in 2D. Mum said it best when she said she could enjoy it with or without the 3D.


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