Life through a lens

Lady Munter and the Pole Dancer

Lady Munter and the Pole Dancer, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

Menergy is one of those clubs where amazing things happen even if it’s not as busy as usual.

Like, for example, on this night, a lovely young man called Connor, who models for Diesel, stripped down to his boxers, and danced on the illuminated runway of downstairs at Forbidden Gentleman’s club in Glasgow (Where Fury Murry’s used to be.) ending in a pole dance at the end of the runway. At this time, host of the night, Lady Munter, appeared behind him, and I took this shot which turned out so amazingly well when I was processing it later.

As a result, this shot got used as the main image for the flyer for next Menergy, which is this Saturday. So if you’re in Glasgow, you might have already seen this image in flyers and posters.

This image is dedicated to Lady Munter, who’s recently been in hospital. My thoughts are with her, and hope she makes a speedy recovery.

(More photos from that night here.)


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