Life through a lens

Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, originally uploaded by alephnaught.

When I attended Ewan Morrison’s reading for his new book, I didn’t expect to end up here. Along at the reading was the lovely Lorna Shields of HandMadeInPartick, who had her latest collection debuting at The Passing Out Parade afterwards.

So after the reading we all went down to the basement of the Corinthian Bar, and it was quite a surreal experience. People were having a quiet drink in both sections of the bar, and without warning models were trooping through to the strains of the theme tune to Dambusters and various other jolly war-themed tunes.

However, Lorna’s collection at the end was something different again: a slow shoeless funeral march of models soundtracked by the 2nd movement of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony. (The Symphony of Sorrowful Songs) By this time even the regulars were were putting their drinks down in order to let their jaws drop to the floor.


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