Life through a lens

David Gilmour

David Gilmour
My husband, Dave.

This has been in a strange way, the best Xmas we’ve had together. About 10 weeks ago, he phoned me, saying he had breathing trouble. A couple of days later he was in the Doctor’s being prescribed medicine for heart problems.

A couple of weeks later, he had an angiogram, and was told: you have heart problems: it looks like a bypass or stent.

We had check couple weeks later, and were told: It’s a bypass. 4-6 weeks before we tell you.

Next day: You’re in next Tuesday. We’re thinking: what the hell? One week later, I’m saying hello to my husband, as he’s in the intensive care hours after the operation. We’re both dazed, both not there, thinking “Did we just dodge a bullet, without thinking about it?”

And so, he we are weeks later, in a cafe, just going off to meet in-laws for a post Christmas meal.The post Christmas milleu is around us in this cafe. But somehow it doesn’t matter. We have each other, and that’s the best Christmas present.


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