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I’ve often been asked when I’m going to be publishing a collection of my work in print form. Well, that time is almost here. A collection of my photography and poetry, “Barcelona Canal” is out now! You can order in print or as a download from Lulu here.

“Enter a world where penguins fly, statues sit in cafes, cats appear from walls, deer direct trains, fairies cross the River Clyde, time rewinds, and armies of the homeless take over.

Welcome to BARCELONA CANAL, a collection of poetry and photography by MICHAEL JAMES where the ordinary moments of life step through the looking glass to became extraordinary.

Michael James is a self taught photographer who works amongst the characters of the clubs and fashion scene in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been writing and performing his poetry at writing groups and spoken word nights in Glasgow since 2010. This is his first collection.”

Order “Barcelona Canal” from here.


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